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Stellar Energy News

August 2021 - Keeping It Cool

Stellar Energy's Steve Balek discusses how TIAC and performance monitoring ensures maximum LNG production in July's issue of LNG Industry.

Stellar Energy was named recipient of the Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Bronze Award by the Florida Sterling Council and...

Save the date for IDEA2021: Powering the Future: District Energy/CHP/Microgrids, hosted by the International District...

Stellar Energy announces the launch of Stellar Energy Manufacturing, a new line of business providing modular manufacturing and off-site construction for mission critical and industrial markets.

November 2020 - Up 10 in the First 12

Mark Jones addresses how to navigate growth plans in an uncertain market in the November issue of LNG Industry.

February 2020 - More than Megawatts

In the February 2020 issue of LNG Industry magazine, Zack Taylor presents a comparison of mechanical chilling versus adiabatic cooling as augmentation methods for LNG production.

Stellar Energy, a custom energy solutions provider for the power generation, LNG and data center markets, announced that Peter Gibson, Chairman and CEO, will be speaking at the EXIM Bank 2019 Annual Conference held in Washington D.C. on March 28 and 29. The conference focuses on the international trade landscape and is hosted by the Export-Import Bank of the United States.

Curtis Lovelace examines the use of regasification energy to improve turbine performance with turbine inlet air chilling, providing increased output and efficiency  for power plants at LNG regasification facilities.

At Gastech 2018, Curtis Lovelace discussed how to improve LNG plant performance and stability with turbine inlet air chilling and the benefits of TIAC technology at Cheniere Energy’s Corpus Christi Liquefaction facility.

Stellar Energy—a custom energy solutions provider for the power generation, utilities, LNG and data center markets—has been...

Cheniere’s Corpus Christi is moving ahead with construction of its liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility in Texas. 

According to the latest filing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Cheniere has progressed the project’s Stage 1 to 84 percent completion. Stage 1 includes the construction of liquefaction trains 1 and 2, storage tanks A and C, OSBL, west jetty and east jetty civil works.

The energy storage marketplace is filled to the brim with myriad solution providers, which makes it cumbersome for a CIO to choose the apt solution provider. To make the task easier, Energy CIO Insights brings a special edition on energy storage systems. The distinguished selection panel, comprising CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, industry analysts, and the magazine’s editorial board, has narrowed the choices to a few trailblazing providers that exhibit competence and innovation in delivering efficient and cost-effective energy storage systems.

With the rise of renewable energy sources, utility companies have an ever-increasing need for energy storage to balance supply and demand. Amid this tight spot, one of the intricacies of the regulated and non-regulated utility markets boils down to integrating renewable generation. Solar and wind generation have an associated predictability factor which brings challenges to utilities that are required to bridge the demand arbitrage. To help utilities solve this issue, Florida-based Stellar Energy provides a range of solutions that enable plant operators to either turn down or turn up power generation to help regulate their generation assets’ capacity. The firm’s solutions add operational flexibility, allowing utilities to optimize their gas fired generation capacity to more efficiently integrate with their renewable generation.

Stellar Energy, a custom energy solutions provider, is pleased to announce the expansion of its services line of...

Find out how turbine inlet air chilling with thermal storage has helped Duke Energy recover lost megawatts and boost power output at Hines Energy Complex in Bartow, Florida.

December 2017 - Cool it Down

In LNG Industry's November issue, Curtis Lovelace and Craig Kedrowski explain how LNG plant performance and stability can be improved with the use of turbine inlet air chilling. The article highlights Stellar Energy's TIAC system at Cheniere Energy's Corpus Christi liquefaction facility.

Stellar Energy has teamed up with Builders Care, a local non-profit contruction company, to provide critical home repairs for families in need.

Stellar Energy Americas, Inc (“SEA”) and TAS Energy Inc. (“TAS Energy”) have reached a settlement of the lawsuits involving Turbine Inlet Air Cooling Installations at the Duke Hines Energy Complex in Bartow, Florida, and the Frontera Energy Center in Mission, Texas, and related inter partes reviews of TAS Energy’s patents by the Patent and Trademark Appeal Board. As part of the settlement, TAS Energy has provided SEA a full and complete, non-exclusive license to practice the inventions claimed in TAS Energy’s turbine inlet air cooling patent family – including U.S. Patent Nos, RE44,815; 6,328,065 B1; 6,470,686 B2; and RE 44,079 – that extends to any SEA customer, contractor, or supplier relating to past or future installations, technology or systems.

Patent Trial and Appeal Board invalidates 36 out of 36 claims of Patent '815, thus ruling these claims to have been unpatentable.

RagingWire Data Centers owns and operates 830,000 sq ft of data center colocation space in Sacramento, CA, and Ashburn, VA. Increasing demand for its colocation services had RagingWire expanding its Ashburn campus with a new 150,000-sq-ft facility along with its recently opened 180,000-sq-ft data center on its Sacramento campus. 

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is facing major population growth over the next several decades and, with it, rapidly growing electricity demand. In 2013, the country generated 292.2 TWh of electricity, which represents a year-on-year increase of 7% over 2012 alone, according to the 2014 BP Statistical Review of World Energy, and more than double that generated in 2000.

Stellar Energy, a leading international provider of turbine inlet air chilling (TIAC), will supply a turbine inlet air conditioning system for Colorado electric utility Black Hills Energy’s Pueblo Airport Generating Station in Pueblo, Colorado.  

Stellar Energy, a global provider of district cooling and gas turbine inlet air conditioning solutions, has entered into a joint venture agreement with Beijing Hua Yuan Heating Pipeline Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Beijing Energy. 

Turbine Inlet Air Chilling Benefits from Leading Edge Control Technology.

Stellar Energy was selected by Blue Earth, Inc to design and supply a CHP plant at the Pilgrim's Pride Corporation poultry processing facility located in Sumter.

Stellar Energy was selected by Blue Earth, Inc. (NASDAQ: BBLU), the renewable/alternative energy and energy efficiency services company, to design and supply a combined heat and power (CHP) plant. 

Stellar Energy, a global provider of energy plant solutions, will supply a turbine inlet air chilling (TIAC) system for the Ecopetrol Termosuria Power Plant to be located in Villavicencio, Colombia. 

Stellar Energy will supply a modular chiller plant, providing 1,720 tons of refrigeration (TR), to General Electric Co. (GE). 

Saying that design engineers owe it to end-users to offer optimal cost and efficiency benefits, Jean-Marc Marchand suggests ways to work around challenges.

Stellar Energy, a global provider of energy plant solutions, has completed a modular chiller plant for Kansas State University's Veterinary Medicine Complex in Manhattan, Kansas. 

Stellar Energy announced today that it has begun work on a central utility plant for RagingWire Data Center's 150,000 square foot data center campus in Ashburn, Virginia. 

The Stellar Energy-designed and fabricated module will provide cooling for a turbine inlet air chilling (TIAC) system applied to the Valle de Mexico combined cycle gas turbine power plant in Mexico City, Mexico. 

The purpose of TIAC is to restore the power output of a combustion turbine at elevated ambient temperatures to its rated capacity or better.

Stellar Energy, a global provider of energy plant solutions, will supply two modular chiller plants, each providing 1,800 tons of refrigeration (TR), to General Electric Co. (GE).

Stellar Energy, a global provider of energy plant solutions, has begun work on two new combined heat and power (CHP) plants.

A Turbine Inlet Air Chilling system for Frontera Energy Center marks the company's 100th project.

Frontera’s inlet chilling system includes a 3.5-million-gal thermal energy storage tank (TES) rated at 70,000 ton-hr; the cylindrical steel vessel stands 65 ft high and measures 90 ft in diameter (photo). The system was designed, procured, manufactured, installed and commissioned by Stellar Energy.

Stellar Energy will provide design and fabrication of a modular chiller plant for Novozymes, a leader in industrial biotechnology.

Stellar Energy, a global provider of energy solutions, will provide design and fabrication of a modular chiller plant for Novozymes, a leader in industrial biotechnology and bio-innovation.

Stellar Energy, a global provider of energy solutions, continues to grow its data center cooling business with the start of three new U.S.-based projects this quarter.

Stellar Energy, a global provider of energy solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of Michael Marr as Senior Vice President, Technology & Innovation.

Stellar Energy, a global provider of energy solutions, will supply a turbine inlet air chilling (TIAC) system for the Bryan Texas Utilities Dansby Power Plant - Unit Three in Bryan, Texas. 

Stellar Energy, a leading global energy systems company, will supply a turbine inlet air chilling (TIAC) system for Frontera Energy Center, a 500MW gas-fired, combined-cycle power plant in Mission, Texas.

Inlet air chiller systems to boost output at new power plants in Colorado.

Stellar Energy, a leading global energy systems company, has completed a turbine inlet air cooling (TIAC) project for City Public Service (CPS) Energy's Braunig Peaker Plant in Elmendorf, Texas.

Biogas conversion systems reduce emissions and generate additional electric and thermal power.

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