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While modular construction has been gaining popularity in recent years, Stellar Energy has been designing, fabricating and installing modular utility plants for over two decades. We build these plants in our own fabrication facility in Jacksonville, Florida, or through our trusted network of fabrication facilities around the world. Our Jacksonville facility was designed for - and is dedicated to - modular fabrication of utility plants.

All components are skid-mounted, prepiped, prewired and enclosed in order to minimize on-site installation scope and risk. We often field-install and commission the equipment we provide so that we can deliver a turnkey single-source solution. Onsite installation is typically limited to setting of the modules, reconnection of pipe and wiring, and termination of power supply. All engineering, fabrication, controls, project management, start-up and commissioning work is self-performed by in-house Stellar Energy employees.

Standard, Yet Customizable

While modular construction aims to streamline projects and save costs through standard designs and processes, we understand that every client and each project is unique. That's why we configure our utility modules to meet the exact needs of the facility or system the plant is serving.

For example, we maintain 50 standard chiller module designs that can serve loads from 300 TRs to over 50,000 TRs. However, we can deliver any level of customization requested to match a project's specific requirements.

Learn more about our fabrication facility.

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