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Stellar Energy provides bespoke state-of-the-art solutions customers build in for optimized performance now, bridging a critical gap in the energy transition towards a better future. In business for over 25 years, we’ve added efficiency and capacity to customer infrastructure in more than 15 countries. More dispatchable power. Increased LNG production. Greater Data Center efficiency and lower costs. Lower emissions for greater sustainability. Hyperscale deployment at the best possible speed to first megawatt. All delivered with a 100% performance test passage rate.

Expect Best Day Performance, Every Day.

A true performance culture is about more than a sustainable future. It’s about helping our partners add energy capacity and efficiency to their systems today. Our commitment to safety, quality and expert innovation is what drives the Stellar Energy team to create iconic projects that have 95% of our clients returning for repeat projects and additional expertise. Striving to be on the cutting edge of technology is what pushes our team to deliver each and every day.

Supporting our partners in the energy ecosystem.

The world of energy today is more complex than ever, with multilayered challenges confronting companies and governments seeking more power while rapidly pivoting away from fossil fuels. Maintaining reliability and building resiliency are of paramount importance. The rush to add renewable capacity for new power-hungry technologies has to be balanced with the need to control costs and justify rate increases. Shortages of skilled labor and burdensome regulations can slow ambitious schedules, yet the pace of change continues to accelerate. In this environment, no single company has all the solutions. That’s why Stellar Energy collaborates as a team with partners, adding our expertise to theirs —and vice versa—to create an ecosystem far more powerful than the sum of its parts. Together, no challenge is too daunting.
Every vision can be realized. And the energy transition can advance at the scale and speed required of us all.

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