Expect more: Hyperscale sustainable cooling

Stellar Energy is a trusted provider of turnkey liquid-to-chip cooling solutions for the world’s leading data center and manufacturing enterprises. We understand that scale is the biggest challenge in today’s data center environment, which is why we provide an optimized modular solution capable of high production volume. This allows us to customize each data center solution, from central plants to CDUs, to match any budget, enabling your data centers to grow as your needs grow.

Expect greater sustainability and lower costs.

Our proven technology provides exceptional energy efficiency, delivering reliable and consistent cooling while supporting your carbon reduction initiatives. In addition, our modular approach leads to significantly lower costs.

Expect more from your OSM partner.

Stellar Energy is an OSM partner with mission critical and semiconductor manufacturing customers. Our OSM cost-certainty and schedule-certainty are unparalleled due to the application of best practices from our legacy of large-scale projects around the world.