Power generation & LNG

We don’t make energy.
We make energy better.TM

By enhancing and improving the performance of our customers turbines, Stellar Energy adds immediate value and reduces Capex by eliminating the need for additional turbines. Customers can expect more financial and sustainability benefits including:
  • More power, NOW.
  • Greater operational flexibility and profitability.
  • Less reliance on high-emission and costly generation sources during peak load periods.
  • Greater efficiency with superior heat rate.

Expect more:

proven results for power producers and utilities.

Turbine Inlet Air Chilling (TIAC).

Our turnkey TIAC systems improve power producers’ profitability and sustainability by enhancing the power output of gas turbines by up to 30%. These state-of-the-art solutions cool the air entering turbines, ensuring best day performance every day, regardless of the intensity and duration of hot weather.

District Cooling Systems & Modular Utility Plants.

We have provided district cooling and modular utility plant solutions to a wide range of independent, municipal and regulated utilities worldwide. We’re also breaking new ground helping power producers harness clean energy generation capacity to create green hydrogen at scale.

Expect more: turbine inlet air chilling with thermal energy storage (TIAC + TES).

For added operational flexibility, savings and sustainability, Stellar Energy customers build in our TIAC systems in combination with thermal energy storage (TES). TES allows power producers to shift the power required to run the TIAC system at off-peak periods when power is in less demand and the value of the power sold from the power plant is at the lowest value. This increases the power available for use during peak periods, and improves the financial performance of the power plant asset. In addition, many utilities use our TES systems to store solar energy in the daytime for use after the sun goes down, providing a 24-hour clean energy solution for customers.

Expect more: TIAC for improved LNG liquefaction processes.

With Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) playing an increasing role in global power generation, maximizing the efficiency and sustainability of LNG production has become imperative. LNG producers are building in Stellar Energy TIAC systems to make this possible, even in the hottest climates. TIAC ensures a constant output by increasing the density of the intake air.