Complete service & parts solutions

Expect more reliability, resiliency and responsiveness with our comprehensive service solutions.

As a service provider for clean energy and sustainable cooling systems, Stellar Energy will provide peace-of-mind with ongoing reliability and availability. Whether you are looking to diagnose your system to prevent future problems, or you need an issue fixed now, you can expect Stellar Energy to perform.
  • All of our energy and cooling systems are equipped with digital monitoring platforms supported by our Services Solutions Global Response Teams.
  • The ample capacity of our two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities offers the potential of storing future inventory on hand for emergency equipment repairs.
  • With our extensive team of field technicians and our in-house repair capabilities, we ensure best day performance now and throughout the lifetime of your cooling system.

Service Partnerships

We offer a full range of services to maintain, optimize and extend the life of your cooling system. You pick the level of service that matches your plant needs, from Master Parts and Service Agreements to all-inclusive Long Term Service Agreements. When you add Stellar Energy as a trusted partner, we provide assurance you’ll achieve optimal system performance far into the future.

Spare Parts & Parts Management

With the capacity for inventory storage at our manufacturing facilities, we provide access to the essential parts you need, achieving maximum uptime while eliminating wait time. With our plant-specific parts management programs, Stellar Energy will guarantee the rare part that you need will always be available within a specified timeframe.

Operations & Maintenance

Once a facility is built, our regular inspections and emergency support from our Services Solutions Global Response Team help predict and prevent future issues. Our experts guarantee your cooling and generation capacity is exceeding all reliability and availability targets.


We will assist your team with comprehensive training services that ensure operators have the skills and knowledge required to respond in a timely and appropriate manner in every scenario, making the difference between downtime and uptime.

Start-up & Commissioning

Our experts collaborate and customize the start-up and commissioning process at the start of the design phase, ensuring optimized system operation and laying the foundation for your long-term success.


As sustainable cooling experts, we will perform a system health analysis and upgrade your aging or mature system accordingly to achieve maximum system performance.

Performance Monitoring & Dashboard Reporting

Our secure real-time performance data and interactive reports enable informed business decisions and speedy resolution of system issues.