Innovative custom manufacturing

At Stellar Energy, our commitment to superior quality and advanced technology is represented in our two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. These cutting-edge facilities drive our production capabilities and set new industry standards. The latest equipment, tools, and our highly trained in-house team of skilled engineers and dedicated tradespeople collaborate to manufacture entire systems, custom modular systems, partial structures, piping and skids.

The Normandy Campus.

The Normandy Campus boasts an impressive 510,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing space, with ceiling heights ranging from 35 to 40 feet to accommodate diverse production needs. Equipped with advanced motorized skids and featuring 28 bay doors for seamless logistics and operations, this facility is designed to optimize efficiency and support our large-scale manufacturing processes. Additionally, the Normandy Campus will support an extra 250 new employees, contributing significantly to the local economy and community.

The Imeson Campus.

The Imeson Campus is a powerhouse of production, spanning 115,000 square feet with ceiling heights ranging from 26 to 36 feet to accommodate a variety of industrial needs. This facility features nine grade-level oversized bay doors and two dock-high doors for optimal loading and unloading efficiency. With impressive 260-ton overhead bridge crane capacity, including two 30-ton cranes, two 45-ton cranes, four 10-ton cranes, and various 4.5-ton cranes, the Imeson Campus is equipped to handle the most demanding lifting requirements. Additionally, the HGG programmable cutting machine ensures precision and versatility in the manufacturing processes.